Beauty Salon Home Services Dubai

At Beauty Salon Dubai, Home Services offers the excellent service that you have always wanted and deserved. We have an extremely tough enrolling process to guarantee that only qualified individuals are recruited. We have a trained team of service providers that have been extraordinarily qualified to provide you with exceptional service in the most skilled, sanitary, and professional way possible, all in the privacy of your own home. We make sure that our professional brings only original and single-use products. No product is being reused. You do not need to get into the hassle of coming into the salon and booking an expert for yourself because it is all in the past. Call us anytime, and our professional will reach your doorstep to provide relaxing spa treatment in the privacy of your home. We offer the following things to our customers

  • Safe and secure service
  • The Professional will be on time. 
  • Professional beautician 
  • The sheets and towels used by our professionals are sanitized. 
  • Biggest comfort of your home
  • Highly trained and skilled beauticians and artists. 

Services offered by Beauty Salon Home Service in Dubai:

Beauty Salons Home Service Dubai offer the following services such as:

  • Face Facial: Our professionals are dedicated to making you look best every single day. That is why we offer the best face facials and scrubs in hotels, homes, hostels, or any location of your choice. When we see somebody for the first time, the face is usually the first thing we note. When we hear about them, it’s still the first thing that comes to mind. So, if you want to make a good first impression, start by taking good care of your face. Summer in Dubai is always gorgeous, but it can also get very hot and wet, making wiping dust and other debris off your face is a difficult task. Your skin’s appealing shine and color can be restored with a healthy facial. The professionals at Beauty Salon Home Service make sure that you make the first good impression, but they also help make a long-lasting one. 
  • Body Massages: Would you like to have a massage service provided to your home, then look no further because your wish has been granted. Massage is one of the traditional and most unique remedies available today. It’s unusual to come across an experience that is both therapeutic and stimulating. There are many types of body care, but it all ultimately comes down to choosing between two. At Beauty Home Service, you get not only comfort but also body therapy. Our trained professionals will pamper your body with the attention and care that it needs. It’s a pure pleasure with no negative side effects. Your body is treated with the finest care and concern by our professionals. Our masseurs have the best massage service possible while paying close attention to your specific needs. They are always determined to accept adjustments if you are unhappy with a procedure or technique they use. It is always super relaxing to have a massage on vacation but having a massage at your home in Dubai is paradise on Earth. 
  • Nail treatment: From your hands to your toes, Beauty Salon Home Service, the finest nail home service, is committed to making you look and sound like royalty. You always get the final say, just like royalty. All you have to do is tell us the time and location you want your nails done, and you’ll have the finest nails at home service in Dubai in no time. Our professionals not only provide you with the best manicure and pedicure in Dubai; we even carry the best nail salon to you. Every woman acknowledges that her makeover isn’t complete until the hands and feet are properly cared for. As you might have noticed, a nail salon is no longer a luxury in Dubai; it is now a must. You should still present yourself in the best possible light. Your enticing personality is still without the finishing touch of refinement, one which gives your carriage such elegance. A good nail scrub adds a silky feel to anything you do with your hands and feet, including shaking hands, serving drinks, toasting, and strolling around the room. Our nail salon at home services offers the best nail salon beauticians to your home. Now is the time to make your reservations. Your concierge is ready to assist you. 
  • Eyelash extensions: Eyelash extensions in Dubai can be applied at home in several ways, depending upon your preferences. At Beauty Salon Home Service, we are dedicated to giving your eyes the glitz and glitter they deserve, with our experts demonstrating the heart of real artistry by meticulously creating your eyelashes. The classic package adds only a thin coat of lashes to the real ones, making it gentle on the eyes and ideal for those who want to have their natural appearance. We make magnificent art from your look with the volume collection by layering several coats of lashes on top of the natural ones to pull out their strength and elegance. We also have glamorous lash tints for fuller and deeper lashes, lash perms for clients who like their natural lashes curled, and lash lifts to sharpen your lashes and give them the size, thickness, and intensity you want. Our beauticians are considered to be the best in Dubai when it comes to lash lifts and tint. 

Our mission at Beauty Salon Home Service Dubai is to make home salon services as simple, dependable, and fun as online shopping. We connect you with the best beauty experts in your area so you can get the same high-quality treatment you get at your beloved salons and spas, but from the luxury and privacy of your own home. You can choose from various beauty experts and stylists based on their expertise, pricing, ratings, and ratio.


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FAQ - Beauty Home Services Dubai

No, Our listed beauty salon home services companies do not charge any thing extra for home services. You just pay for service you take. There may be minimum spend condition of company. We suggest to enquire with company before booking service.

Our listed beauty parlors used reputed brands for there customers. They have certified and original products for providing best results during your home service. 

Yes, All beauticians for home service are certified and with very good experience in beauty home services.

No, Our beauty salon service providers have mobile beauty kits with them. There kits have almost every gadget and product required for your booked service.

Yes, We always appreciate customers who book for beauty service in advance. This helps your service providers to provide best services and beautician for your service. 

Yes, Every beauty parlor have there own terms and conditions in terms of cancellation policy. We suggest you to enquire with  beauty parlor before booking services.

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