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The announcement of nationwide lockdown means only essential works are open and non-essential businesses are closed for some safety reasons. Beauty salons are one of them which are non-essential. With this the global beauty industry is facing so many difficulties as a result their growth rate is diminished. On the flip side, the home services are now provided in Ras Al Khaimah and they are using it with proper hygiene which is the best thing.

– Safety of employees, as well as customers, are their first preference as PPF kits are provided to the staff members. Moreover, the workers working with the salon are well trained, and only qualified individuals are selected so their major priority is customer safety and satisfaction. They are using perfect material which is clean and hygienic. All the tools are provided through material hygiene (MH). We are giving you a guarantee that no product is being reused also our professionals come to your place with original products so you don’t have to worry about this. Further, you have one more positive point that in-home beauty salon you don’t have to worry or take tension about going outside all the first-class facilities is going to be provided in your own place and in your comfort which is just like a bumper. So you don’t have to feel exotic. We offer the forthcoming services to our customers.

  • Highly skilled professionals
  • Safe and clean services
  • Stuff-like towels are fully sanitized and new. 
  • Facilities in your own comfort
  • On time service

Service which is giving by beauty salon home services Ras Al Khaimah:

Face Facial: Our well-trained staff members will give you face facial services including steam, creams, lotions, facial masks, pills, extraction, and exfoliation. Our professionals will first check your skin type then they give you treatment whatever your skin needs. All the creams and locations are original and with the brand name. With this treatment, your skin feels new as the multi-step process will nourish your face and make your skin healthier and happier. Facials can be more relaxing than anything else. They are also about creating inner peace which reflects a serene appearance on your face immediately after a facial. After facial your skin muscles feel relaxed. So the treatment is not for that time only it would be long-lasting.

Body Massage: If you are looking or searching for a perfect body massage then your wish is our command and you are in the right place. Our team members are skilled in every stream. We have so many trained massagers in our team. As you know that massage is one of the most effective traditional remedies which we adapted from our ancestors. There are various types of massage in our men but the choice is all yours. Once you select the type of body massage then rest is in our professional’s magical hands they will pamper your body with their techniques and you feel relaxed. There are no chemicals in our products so there are no side effects of any type of oil or lotion. You just have to enjoy the massage.

Nail treatment: The maintenance of Fingernails and toenails are important for health as well as other cosmetic reasons. We are providing you the best nail services in the town with your comfort. Our beauty salon home services are giving you the best nails so that you look as gorgeous as you are inside. Nail artists are giving you the royal look which is a dream of any person. Our works make you sure that your nail stay strong and beautiful. Ras Al Khaimah is the best nail care salon. From trim to polish your nails and then giving them perfect shape after that a gorgeous nail art which you can select is given to you. We also include painting pictures and designs on the nails or applying jewels on your nails. Not only has this but we had artificial gel nails. We also give hot oil manicure which helps to clean the cuticles and softness. All types of oils are mineral and olive oil. Apart from this, all the tools are given by our salon such as nail brushes, knives, clippers, bowls, towels, nail files, nail buffer, cotton bolls, nail removers, etc.

Eyelash extension: Eyelashes extension in Ras Al Khaimah can be applied at home in so many ways depending on your preference. There are so many beauty hacks by which one can make their eyes more attractive eyelashes is one of them. We are giving you the perfect eyelashes so that it looks longer, darker and fuller. Our salon offers you a variety of extension lengths, curl patterns, and tints. We use three types of eyelashes materials silk, mink, and synthetic we give you all the pros and cons of lashes so that you can take your own decision and put your preference. Mink and silk lashes look more natural and synthetic lashes are thicker and darker if you have bolder look then yes this highly recommend to you. Lashes are carefully applied with specially formulated glue so that you didn’t feel any kind of irritation. At our beauty salon home service. It’s our duty to give you the royal look and add that spark and glitz in your eyes because they totally deserve it. You just have to make your reservations left is our professional’s work.

Beauty salon home services Ras Al Khaimah offer all the services in your own zone so that you can relax your mind as well as your soul because of the hectic workload you need all the above facilities. Also, we connect you with the best-skilled professionals near your area so that you can get the high quality and royal facilities which you get at your beloved salons we know you all are missing that treatment so we are here. Just pick your mobile and dial our number so that you can enjoy the facilities.

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FAQ - Beauty Home Services Ras Al Khaimah

No, Our listed beauty salon home services companies do not charge any thing extra for home services. You just pay for service you take. There may be minimum spend condition of company. We suggest to enquire with company before booking service.

Our listed beauty parlors used reputed brands for there customers. They have certified and original products for providing best results during your home service. 

Yes, All beauticians for home service are certified and with very good experience in beauty home services.

No, Our beauty salon service providers have mobile beauty kits with them. There kits have almost every gadget and product required for your booked service.

Yes, We always appreciate customers who book for beauty service in advance. This helps your service providers to provide best services and beautician for your service. 

Yes, Every beauty parlor have there own terms and conditions in terms of cancellation policy. We suggest you to enquire with  beauty parlor before booking services.

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