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Tired of waiting for salon appointments in this busy world? Don’t worry we are here to help you Beauty Salon Home Service provides you the best service with Trained and professional Beauticians. We provide right from the roots services like Threading, Waxing, etc. to Entangled Services like Keratin Treatment and Professional Skin Setting. We ensure you will be getting the Best salon and Spa services at your doorstep in your privacy from professional and trained Beauticians. We keep in mind all the hygienic and safety of our clients. Our vision is to provide quality services to our valuable customers with our highly professional beauticians. All the professionals working with us are highly qualified and the best in their areas of services they provide. The products which will be used during your service will one-time use and if left over so will be given to the clients. All the prices of the services will include the product price as well as the service charges.


We provide the following services to our clients: 

  • Safe and Secure services 
  • Hygienically used tools 
  • On-time service by Trained and Verified Beautician 
  • Mess-free services
  •  One-time use products
  • Towel and clean sheets 
  • After services, everything will be cleaned by the service provider only 
  • Left over product will be given to the client 


We are also offering you Smart Savers to pamper you:

  • Manicure and Pedicure you can get Gel Nail paint with one Ring finger Nail art
  • Head massage with Hair spa 
  • With Deluxe manicure, you can get a simple pedicure as complimentary service from our side
  • Take any Hair Treatment and get a 10% discount on the service  
  • Take any professional skin treatment and get a 5% discount on first setting

Services offered by Beauty Salon Home Service in Umm Al Quwain:

Beauty Salons Home Service Umm Al Quwain offer the following services such as:

  • Waxing: we offer you pain-free waxing by our experts. It not only helps in shaving your unwanted body hairs, but also removes your tanning, delays hair growth, energizes, revitalizes, nourishes, and moistures the skin, keeps skin glowing, soft and silky, less painful. We provide you different kinds of waxing according to your preference. Our trained Beauticians will be bringing all the necessary stuff along with them. You can choose or upgrade your preferred wax according to your type like Honey wax, Aloe Vera Wax, Chocolate wax, White chocolate wax, and most recommended Rica Wax. 

If you chose any wax and in case it doesn’t suit your skin then you have to pay extra for upgrading the services.

  • Full Body Polishing: Full Body Brightener is a 7 steps body polishing treatment It helps to treat dry, dehydrated, and sun–damaged skin. It improves skin tone and texture. Our professional will work on your stiff and tired body – with a lifeless feeling, dull dark and tired skin with uneven tone and texture, and cellulite-prone skin with sluggish lymph circulation. You will see the drastic change in the body as our main focus is to get Body Brightener detoxifies and soothes mind-body-spirit, pampering the body to provide one of the most luxurious, refreshing & relaxing experiences. As the skin is the mirror, the barometer of one’s health, it suffers from premature aging if neglected and not cared for properly ad regularly. This treatment restores skin suppleness and firmness. The massage is done by our experts during the body brightening treatment helps to drain excess fluids and toxins by opening lymphatic pathways and promote blood circulation.

  • O3+ Manicure – One of the best services to pamper yourself with beautiful hands. This Manicure includes six steps that help soften the hands with a satin feel and lighten and smoothens the skin. Recommended for Hangnails dry cuticles, Dead skin, and chipped nails. This luxury crystal spa Manicure will help in removing tanning, Renowned for natural soothing and emollient actions. It also exfoliates a dull layer of dead skin on the hands and smoothens the skin.it helps to prevent nail disease and disorder. It includes Crystal wash which reduces the swelling, Mani wash includes Revolutionary wash with a combination of BHA and Elderflowers. Micro peel removed dead skin Mani Mask helps in the moisture of your skin. Our professionals make sure that you will be in love with your hands. And we are also offering a special offer on manicure with Gel nail paint and one fingernail art of your own choice.  
  • Keratin Treatment – Increase in Pollution in the air is getting hair damaged and it is making the hairs dry, dull, damage which is more effected to sensitive hairs. It helps in Hair thickening and Increases hair volume. This keratin treatment will help in restoring hair shine and moisturization. Our experts will see and advise you on the right treatment for your dry, dull, and damaged hair with fizzy and brittle, and unmanageable hair. This keratin hair spa gives you replenishes keratin a natural protein that helps you in restores shine and moisture It is enriched with jatamansi, Heena, Wheat protein, cedarwood, and peppermint to ensure healthy hair. It fights frizz, tames flyaway, and protects from heat damage. And keep your highlights or colored protected. 


We provide you the quality services at Beauty Salon Home Services to make you comfortable in your own zone. We provide effortless & constant salon services.

We connect you with trained professionals in your area so you can just enjoy the assistance of our professionals. Enjoy luxury services at your home with all the comforts with proper assistance and the best services with branded and original products. . You can also contact for Bridal, Pre- Bridal or Make-up services. We also provide different packages for Full Body, Hair, nails, or Mani-Pedi. Can also select services of your choice and avail of a good discount available on our site or can contact us directly for more details.  Call us anytime and get your appointment book. It’s time to pamper yourself with Beauty Salon Home Service. 

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FAQ - Beauty Home Services Umm Al Quwain

No, Our listed beauty salon home services companies do not charge any thing extra for home services. You just pay for service you take. There may be minimum spend condition of company. We suggest to enquire with company before booking service.

Our listed beauty parlors used reputed brands for there customers. They have certified and original products for providing best results during your home service. 

Yes, All beauticians for home service are certified and with very good experience in beauty home services.

No, Our beauty salon service providers have mobile beauty kits with them. There kits have almost every gadget and product required for your booked service.

Yes, We always appreciate customers who book for beauty service in advance. This helps your service providers to provide best services and beautician for your service. 

Yes, Every beauty parlor have there own terms and conditions in terms of cancellation policy. We suggest you to enquire with  beauty parlor before booking services.

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