The traditional view of man’s best friend as one of a hard-working and loyal companion who were equally adept at herding, hunting and retrieving as they were at protecting the family home.

However, the world has mechanised with technological advances rendering traditional canine jobs obsolete. Thus, the role of the dog has evolved and developed into one of companionship alone, and freed from the shackles of work has left our pets to enjoy a far more pampered existence often as a designer accessory with the exact cute and cuddly appearance wanted by its owner.

As the popularity of the ‘Designer Dog’ has soared so has the Pet Grooming business and the accompanying Professional Pet Hairdresser. Whilst many would associate the Pet Hairdresser with creating and shaping your animals fur to emphasize particular features and increase its overall attractiveness skin and fur health are also high on the agenda. And although a pet-groomer will always recommend you go to a qualified Veterinarian for a professional diagnosis of any skin or fur anomaly their value is found by providing the required pre-care to avoid many preventable ailments from occurring in the first place. Additionally Pet Groomers are invaluable at restricting the spread of fleas which can cause discomfort for your pet via allergic reaction brought about by the saliva fleas excrete when biting. By visually identifying and removing any fleas present in the dogs coat your Pet Groomer can then apply the appropriate shampoos or treatments to eliminate them and prevent them from returning.

Grooming is not only concerned with keeping our canine friends fur trimmed, shaped and knot-free but is also important as part of routine pet care and hygiene and oral and eye-care. Additionally, regular nail clipping will keep your pets paws in good health, preventing deformation by splaying and pain caused by increased pressure on tendons. The benefits to your dog are not only medical as a correctly trimmed nail will enable increased traction when enjoying walks or chasing and retrieving their favourite ball. Whilst on the subject of nails, another grooming service which is not universally appreciated is the application of pet nail polish.

However, as this becomes more popular particularly for the toy-breeds it is a service which many Pet Groomers can offer using non-toxic polish specially formulated for your pet. With an average growth rate of between 4-8% annually the Pet Grooming industry looks in good health and is exceeding the economy average. So whether you want your Labradoodle or Cockapoo to be decoratively groomed to look its best in their Insta posts, or to keep your pets coat healthy and clean it looks like the job of the Pet Groomer is here to stay.


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