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Ask Nyra is proud to present the list of the top 10 massage centers in Dubai with the ultimate relaxation experience. We have listed a certified spa center in Dubai with the best reviews and services to reveal the world of utmost indulgence. Our massage place Dubai offers luxurious treatment and an elegant environment to every guest with a smooth aroma and tranquil sanctuaries.

We have the best spa centers in Different areas of Dubai listed below

Al Rigga
Bur Dubai
Al Satwa
Al Karama
Sheikh Zayed Road
Business Bay

We ensure that every guest is accorded with nothing less the best massage experience. Therefore, our massage parlors in Dubai deliver ultimate peace of mind, luxury comfort, and personalization.

Our listed Spa in Dubai offers specially designed services for every customer to get relief from emotional stress, physical pains, increase vitality and flexibility.
Some of the services offered by our listed massage centers are as below:

Full body massage
Moroccan bath
Hot Oil Massage
Couple massage
Four hand massage
Thai massage
Hot Stone massage
Ayurvedic Massage
Foot Reflexology

Full Body Massage in Dubai

Full body massage is best to cure fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis. Full body massage helps in getting relief from sore muscles and removing muscle knots. 60 Min of therapy ensures that sore muscles will get relief and whole stress and negative energy will be finished.
Our customers can book full-body massages at any massage center in Dubai out of the top 10 listed centers on this page. We can assure perfection, results, and a stress-free environment to every customer. Price for Full body massage may range from 80 AED to 150 AED.

Moroccan bath in Dubai

Moroccan bath is the best therapy for rejuvenating, detoxification, and stimulation of the skin. Moroccan bath is one of the oldest therapeutic treatments around the globe. Moroccan bath or Hammam is basically a bathhouse which was an earlier social center for the community which uses to offer a place to relax, meet, publically. Nowadays, Moroccan baths have become a private place that offers luxury treatment with massage to people looking for a Moroccan bath in Dubai.
Moroccan bath has great therapeutic effects. there are special black soaps also know as “Beldi soap” which is applied on the skin to detoxify skin and clear our pores. Moroccan bath’s end result is healthier and smoother skin. The cost of a Moroccan bath session may range from 180 AED to 500 AED.

Hot Oil Massage

Hot Oil massage in Dubai is available in every spa center. This is a traditional massage in which herbal oil is warmed up to a certain degree which can provide relaxation to muscles and relief from stress. Hot oil massage lasts for an average of 45 to 90 Minutes. Hot oil massage is done by massaging the scalp and ends at the foot. Hot oil Massage provides deep relaxation to sore muscles and muscle tissues.

Couple massage in Dubai

Couple massage is one of the famous massage therapies in Dubai. Couple massage is available with a major massage center in Dubai. This is more significant in couples as an exotic gift to each other. Our spa centers have VIP rooms with luxurious interiors and a yummy environment.

Four hand massage

Four hand massage requires two expert therapists at the same time. Four hand massage provides intense relaxation as it gives the benefit of 2 massage therapies at the same time. Four hand massage ranges from 60 minutes to 90 minutes and can cost from 200 AED to 400 AED.

Thai Massage Center Dubai

Thai Massage is an ancient technique of massage. It includes yoga and stretching at the same time resulting in improvement in body stretchability. Thai massage is done without oil or cream and by putting soft pressure by stretching. Thai massage is helpful to athletes and sportspersons. Thai massage takes 45 to 60 minutes and costs from 80 AED to 150 AED.

Hot Stone massage

Hot stone massage has its routes from China where pebbles are heated to a certain degree and then are placed on pressure points. Hot stones placed on muscles reduce pain from sore muscles. The hot stone massage is found in the Chinese massage center in Dubai and many other Chinese spa centers. Hot massage takes 60 to 90-minute and can cost.

Ayurvedic Massgae

Ayurvedic massage has its route from Kerala India. Ayurvedic massage is done with special oils with herbal ingredients. a is world-famous for providing relief from stress, sore muscles, and body pain. Our Ayurvedic massage center has professional therapists from Kerala India with experience in ayurvedic massage. Ayurvedic massage can take 45 minutes to 90 minutes and can cost from 100 AED to 250 AED.

Foot Reflexology

Foot Reflexology or Foot massage is famous in males and females above 60 years of age. Foot reflexology is scientifically proven to cure many health problems. We have a professional certified therapist for foot reflexology sessions in Dubai. We encourage every individual to try our foot massage in Dubai for 45 minutes. Foot massage in Dubai can range from 80 AED to 150 AED.

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FAQ - Massage Center Dubai

Massage centers listed with us have range of massage services to offer there clients. One can expect

No, None of our listed Massage & spa centers entertain any illegal activities. Body to Body or B2B Massage service is not allowed in UAE. Therefore None of the centers have any such activity.

Yes, All the listed Massage centers and Spa are licensed. We do not approve any listing which is not licensed by Govt. od UAE.

Massage service is dependent on type of massage therapy selected by client. Price range start from 80 AED and goes to 500 AED. Price is dependent on service type and center selected by client.

Normal Massage session is of 45 Min to 60 Min. There are many Massage types which range upto 90 Minutes. Kindly consult with center for duration before selecting Therapy.

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