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We at Ask nyra, proudly represent our self as a list of top 10 luxury spa and massage center in every City.
Customers looking for a massage center can get exclusive deals and offers on luxury massage treatments and packages. We have a quality check team that makes sure that every customer is served with the best massage
during there every session. Our Massage & Spa have a range of massage therapies starting from hot stone massage, Swedish massage, oil massage, hot oil massage, and many more.

Type of Massage Spa our listed Massage centers offer:-

Massage Center & spa Home Service

Our listed Spa has the facility of home service for couples and ladies. Our listed spa and centers have an experienced massage therapist from Indonesia, Thailand, India, Morocco, Russia. Spa centers have their own resources for home service in which one does not have to arrange anything. Spa centers have their own foldable Bed & Table with disposable bed sheets and accessories. All the therapists are covid tested on a periodic basis as per govt guidelines and have good experience in massage service at home. Therefore, customers can take any type of massage and relaxation service at the comfort of their home or hotel.

Foot massages

Foot massages are of great importance. We have massage centers specialized for a foot massage at home and spa. Traditional foot massage has great benefits as they result in relaxation and improvement in health condition. foot massage home service and at spa provides great results with a pedicure.

Full body massage

Full body massage is available at major massage centers listed on Asknyra. All Listed Spa centers have a professional therapist for full body massage. Clients can have full body massage at home or spa with oil, hot oil, and cream. full body massage helps in the relaxation of the mind and body. body massage treatment can help in muscle pain, improving flexibility, and many more.

Home service massage center

Ask Nyra has listed the top 10 home service massage providers in UAE. We have listed Home service providers in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Umm Al Quwain for massage. home service massage is special for those who have a busy schedule and cannot waste time in appointment and their turn. Our Spa centers have a home service facility in all major areas of the UAE. customers can search for massage places near them by searching for “massage places near me“.

Body to body massage

Body to Body massage is not a legal activity in UAE. We have a special quality team that makes sure that all listed massage centers and spa do not break any law or provide any illegal activity. Our listed massage centers and spa centers do not entertain any type of b2b, body to body, or happy ending massage at any cost.

Ayurvedic massage Center

Ayurvedic massage is a special massage done by only a few massages and spa centers in UAE. Ayurvedic massage required great experience as it is done with special oils and herb extracts. Ayurvedic massage provides great relaxation to the body and mind as oils used in massage are specialized for ayurvedic treatments.

Head massage

Head massage provides great relaxation from stress. Asknyra has listed a group of professional therapists for head and foot massage. customers can directly book with us for head massage and pay at the spa. Our listed massage centers use special oils that help in relaxation and stress control. Head massage has great results for those working long shifts or who have a desk job.

Deep tissue massage

Deep tissue massage has great results for those who have muscle pain. deep tissue massage is done with special oils and gives relaxation from stiff muscles and muscle pain. deep tissue massage also helps in flexibility and sports. Many sports and gym instructors recommend deep tissue massage as part of their exercise.

Foot reflexology & Foot Spa

Foot reflexology massage is an ancient science. Foot reflexology is believed to cure many-body problems and pains. Asknyra has listed certified Foot reflexology centers and clinics in UAE. our foot reflexology centers and Foot Spa or clinic are the best in the market.

Russian Massage Center & European Massage

Ask nyra has a list of the top 10 Russian massage centers with professional staff from Europe. Our Russian massage therapist comes from Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Turkey, etc. We have listed massage centers in UAE with the best Russian massage therapist in the area.

Couple massage

Couple massage can bring great pleasure to both males and females. Our listed massage centers have facilities for a couple massage with bigger VIP rooms. Asknyra also has a list of massage centers providing couple massage home services in selected areas of UAE. Enquire with us for any type of couple massage in any area.

Sport massage

Sports Massage is specialized for those who are in cardiac work or sports activities. Sports massage helps in muscle relaxation and flexibility. Sports massage is very famous among sportsmen in UAE. Major players and sportsmen take regular massage from therapists and physiotherapists. Asknyra has listed the top 10 sports massage centers in UAE. Enquire with us today.

Hot stone massage

The hot stone massage is done by placing small smooth heated stones on specific points. Hot stone massage therapy helps in recovering damaged soft tissues and relaxes stiff muscles. Hot stone massage has major benefits as it helps in promoting sleep, reduce stress and anxiety, boost immunity, and many more.

Balinese massage

Balinese massage is a holistic treatment including deep tissue and full body massage. Balinese massage is a combination of acupressure, stretching, reflexology, and aromatherapy. Balinese massage is famous for deep relaxation and body calmness. This massage is done by pressure point stimulation with stroking and kneading. Ask nyra has a list of professional Balinese massage therapists for its clients. Enquire with us today for bookings.

Chinese massage Center

Asknyra brings you a list of top Chinese massage centers and Chinese massage services in the UAE. We have quality tested and certified Chinese massage centers with us which provide popular and traditional Chinese massage in UAE. Enquire today about a massage and Chinese spa center.

Massage Cupping Therapy

Cupping therapy originated in China, It is done by placing cups on the skin resulting in suction. cupping therapy helps in controlling blood circulation. It is also believed that cupping massage therapy helps in balancing yin and yang(balancing positive and negative) with the body. Ask nyra brings a list of the top 10 cupping therapy massage centers in the UAE for clients.

Four-hand massage

Four hand massage is done by 2 therapists at the same time. Asknyra has a list of massage centers for a four-hand massage with a VIP room. We have a list of therapists who are experienced in four-hand massage in the UAE. Customers can enquire about deals and offers on four-hand massage in the emirate in UAE.

Moraccan Bath & Massage

Hammam or Moroccan bath is a traditional therapeutic treatment. Moroccan bath helps in exfoliation and detoxification of the skin. this treatment helps in removing dead skin cells and clearing our skin pores resulting in healthier and smoother skin. Few clients have also reported benefits like de-stress and muscle relaxation which is generally done in deep tissue massage. Ask nyra brings a list of the top 10 Moroccan bath and massage facilities in UAE.

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FAQ - Massage Center

Massage centers listed with us have range of massage services to offer there clients. One can expect

No, None of our listed Massage & spa centers entertain any illegal activities. Body to Body or B2B Massage service is not allowed in UAE. Therefore None of the centers have any such activity.

Yes, All the listed Massage centers and Spa are licensed. We do not approve any listing which is not licensed by Govt. od UAE.

Massage service is dependent on type of massage therapy selected by client. Price range start from 80 AED and goes to 500 AED. Price is dependent on service type and center selected by client.

Normal Massage session is of 45 Min to 60 Min. There are many Massage types which range upto 90 Minutes. Kindly consult with center for duration before selecting Therapy.

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