Massage Center Karama

Massage center Karama is a professional massage service provider in Karama with great results in relaxation and stress release. We have experienced Kerala massage therapist (Malayali massage therapist) with hand own experience in ayurvedic massage, hot oil massage, oil massage, full body massage, etc.

We at massage centre Karama are known for the best massage therapies in Dubai. We have a range of professional therapists with different nationalities starting from India, Vietnam, Philipines, Vietnam, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, etc. Each massage therapist has her own forte in Full body massage, hot stone massage, cupping massage, couple massage, four-hand massage, etc.

USP of Massage service Karama

  • Relieve stress and rejuvenate the mind.
  • Relief from muscle pain.
  • Improve blood circulation.

Our Different massage services

Ayurvedic massage in Karama
Ayurvedic massage is traditional therapy with its roots in India. Ayurvedic Massage has shown great results in patients with prior muscle pain, back pain, hypertension. Ayurvedic Massage is done with special oils made from different herbs

Hot stone massage Place Karama
this unique massage has its roots in China. This is a traditional Chinese massage service, This massage is done by placing stones on specific pressure points. stones are heated to a specific temperature as per therapy and placed for few minutes on pressure points. The hot stone massage is the forte of the china massage center in Karama with great results from many years.

Full-body Massage
Full body massage place Karama is a common massage service done in every massage center in Dubai. This massage is done for body relaxation and stress release. Full body massage is done with oil or cream. Many spa centers in Karama uses oil massage and hot oil massage for full body massage. This technique has shown great results in many clients.

Moroccan Bath in Karama
Moroccan bath is a special hammam bath that helps in body relaxation and rejuvenation. Moroccan bath with massage is done with special soap and scrubbing resulting in removing dead skin and opening skin pores.

Therapy Time
Major therapies take 45 to 90 minutes depending on massage type. We suggest making an appointment for a massage service before taking therapy.

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